Springer Proceedings - Author Instructions

Dear author.

Thank you again for your contribution to KICSS 2014.

We are very pleased now to invite you to submit the final camera-ready version of your paper for inclusion in the post-proceedings volume to be published by Springer in their prestigious series "Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing", ISSN 2194-5357, in 2015. This decision is contingent upon fulfilling all of the following requirements by the camera-ready version of your paper.

While the reviewers' comments on the former version of your paper were positive and since this is a post-conference proceedings, you are expected to take into consideration the participants' comments and the associated discussion that your presentation triggered during the conference.

In particular, you MUST satisfy the following requirements:
1) According to the KICSS 2014 copyright statement, the post-conference proceedings papers should contain at least 15% of new or considerably modified stuff. You are encouraged to refer to the discussion that took place after your presentation in Cyprus and to the most recent progress in the field. A reference to your KICSS 2014 Proceedings paper is mandatory.

2) Your paper must STRICTLY conform to the LNCS format. Follow exactly the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) guidelines,

3) Order all references alphabetically and format them according to the LNCS template (in the LNCS template the references are not ordered alphabetically but please do order all references alphabetically for the purpose of this particular proceedings as follows: (i) in the references section list the references alphabetically, (ii) number them starting from 1, (iii) refer to the references in the text by their number as appropriate, please see the example),

4) Do not include page numbers in your pdf file.

5) The authors whose native language is not English should re-check the language of their papers by a native speaker.

6) The length of your paper should be no more than 14 pages for regular papers and no more than 10 pages for short papers. However, up to 4 additional pages are allowed in each paper cartegory at an extra charge of €70 for each additional page. The extra charge must be settled by the 31st of December 2014, using the registration account that you created when you paid the registration fee.

7) You are requested to sign the new KICSS 2014 post-conference Proceedings Copyright Statement (not to be confused with the pre-conference one), which is available for download on the web site. It is assumed that the corresponding author signs the form on behalf of all the coauthors.

8) Produce a zip file that contains: a) the PDF version of your paper, b) the source file of your paper (either Word or LaTeX), c) the new signed copyright form, d) source files of any figures (if applicable), e) proof that you have paid the charge for extra pages (if applicable). Upload this zip file to Easy Chair (by selecting "upload a new version", only one zip file in accepted) by the 31st of December 2014. This is a STRICT deadline and will not be extended!

Papers that have not followed all the above guidelines may be excluded from inclusion in the formal proceedings without any further warning or communication to their authors by the editors! This is necessary in order to avoid a situation where a few authors may delay the whole process.

In case you encounter any difficulties or you have any queries, you may communicate with us via Easy Chair.